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Post 1: Scandal! Murder! Text Analysis!

What is the language of scandal? This is a question I have been working on over the past two summers with Sam Gibson and Megan Doherty, two Washington and Lee undergraduates, as well Brandon Walsh and Sarah McEleney, both at UVA. This is a first of a series of posts that uses text analysis to explore the press coverage … Read more

The Nitty Gritty: The Steinheil Affair and the Press

Because the blog posts discuss details of the Steinheil Affair and/or the press culture of the time, this page goes into more depth on the unfolding of the affair, its participants, and the newspapers being examine. I’ll be updating as necessary.

The Newspapers

The following table lists all ten newspapers studied in this project, their politics, their circulation (as of … Read more

Bibliography and acknowledgements

Note: instead of providing a bibliography for every post on the Steinheil Affair, here’s a running bibliography that I’ll update with new citations as necessary.

All the newspaper articles are available from the Bibliothèque nationale on Gallica

On the Steinheil Affair:

Darmon, Pierre. Marguerite Steinheil, ingénue criminelle? Paris: Perrin, 1996.

Lanoux, Armand, Madame Steinheil, ou, “la connaissance du président.” Paris: … Read more

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