Steinheil Affair Text Analysis

Bibliography and acknowledgements

Note: instead of providing a bibliography for every post on the Steinheil Affair, here’s a running bibliography that I’ll update with new citations as necessary.

All the newspaper articles are available from the Bibliothèque nationale on Gallica

On the Steinheil Affair:

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Tools and methods for text analysis:


Our GitHub repository



Voyant Tools

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On k-means clustering

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Many thanks to Mackenzie Brooks, Paul Youngman, Jason Mickel at Washington and Lee University. This project was made possible by two Mellon Digital Humanities grants in Summer 2016 and Summer 2017. We were lucky to be able to go to Illiads in the Summer of 2016 and consult with Lauren Tilton, Taylor Arnold and Megan Kudzia about this project. We are also grateful to Matt Erlin and Steve Pentecost for access to their topic modeling interface.

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